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A Year of Gifting

This past year I’ve had the priviledge to volunteer my time at different charities in the Denver area.  There are so many wonderful organizations out there doing amazing work in the community.  At the end of the year I was reflecting on what I can do to give back in 2013.  I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and donating time and money.  I’ve found that through gifting I gain not only insights about others, but insights about myself. 

I made a decision to go on a sacred journey this year and decided it would be fun to go on that journey with my Imagine Peace Friends.  I’m calling it A Year of Gifting.  The way it will work is that each week a different charity or group of charities  will be the recipient of our gifts.  The financial commitment will be to gift a minimum of  $3 to $10 a week per participant and there may be opportunities to donate time, as well.  The amount of money isn’t as important as the commitment to give something.    You will be given information about the charity and a link to read more and how to give directly to the charities via online or their address, so no middle man/woman.

We will learn about amazing charities locally, nationally, and internationally, who are creating a better world one vision at a time.  In addition, we will learn about ourselves and become more prosperous during our journey.  Once every  quarter, or so, I’ll arrange a place for those who want to share their experiences and how their lives have become more abundant from the journey. 

It was a decade ago on Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday this year; and an Oprah show featuring  his “I Have a Dream Speech”, that I was inspired to write my vision, which began our  non profit peace education organization.  I always committed that it would not just be about the Imagine Peace Foundation, but about what we can do to support each other on creating a more peaceful, enlightened and loving world together. 

For those of you who would like to join me on this adventure and sign up you can go to  Aleta Antoinette or Imagine Peace Foundation on Facebook and also you can  log in or sign up on our website each week at  each week to see the featured charity.  A Year of Gifting will be enhanced by sharing the journey with your friends so please pass it on.  I feel passionate and certain that our lives will be enhanced in ways we never imagined, please join me as we see creativity and imagination in motion.  The journey will begin soon… 

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