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A Year of Gifting Week Two

Smile Train

"Changing the World One Smile At A Time"


This week I was struck with how powerful and healing a smile can be; a warm, caring and sincere smile can brighten and transform a day into something wonderful.  Then I realized there children who aren't able to express their joy in a simple gesture like a smile, because of a birth defect.  The charity of the week can give this gift to children who were born without the ability to speak, eat properly or even smile.  A simple procedure can restore all these things that we take for granted in our life and you can help.  Our minimum donation is just $3-10.00.  Please donate directly to Smile Train what you can and pass it on. 
Be grateful that you can smile; do it often and purposefully this week Smile!




Unlike many charities that do many different things, The Smile Train mission is focused on solving a single problem: cleft lip and palate.
  Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly. Aren't allowed to attend school or hold a job.  They face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache.
  The good news is every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes.

  This is our mission:
    -To provide free cleft surgery for millions of poor children in developing countries.
    -To provide free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals.
  Until there are no more children who need help and we have completely
eradicated the problem of clefts.

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You can donate by mail, phone or online on the Donate page.  Thank you for your kind donation!

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