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"A Year of Gifting" Week 8


Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals "love" them.  But those who respect their natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them more.  ~Edwin Way Teale, Circle of the Seasons, 1953

I was touched by this quote and know that if you truly love something you will set it free.  People are under the misconception that wild animals will make good pets and then when they realize the challenges it can lead to these gorgeous animals being abused and abandoned.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary provides a caring space for these fabulous creatures.  Please join me this week in donating a minimum of $5-$10.00 to support the efforts of this amazing organization.  I'm always honored to give a voice to our animal friends.

About Us:

The Wild Life Sanctuary, TWAS, is all about saving animals who are victims of America's "Captive Wildlife Crisis!"  We criss-cross the United States and Mexico, rescuing captive exotic and endangered large carnivores who have been abused, abandoned, exploited or illegally kept.  We have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to 42 states (to some states many times) on rescue missions... and down into Mexico over the years as well... saving animals from dreadful circumstances, and bringing them back to live in the wide open space of large acreage habitats where they have plenty of space, exceptional diets and proper veterinary care, for as long as they live.

Our goal for the animals we rescue is to give them a life of dignity and respect, and make their life like it would be if they could choose it.  TWAS also works tirelessly to educate about the causes of...and solutions to...the Captive Wildlife Crisis.


To Prevent and alleviate cruelty to animals which are abandoned or that are subject to deprivation or neglect by providing care and boarding for such animals.

To Donate Online:

You can Visit if you're in Colorado

I leave you with this quote:

The basis of all animal rights should be the Golden Rule:  we should treat them as we would wish them to treat us, were any other species in our dominant position.  ~Christine Stevens


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