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"A Year of Gifting" Week 7


This weeks charity is all about the children and creating a safe and promising future for the small hearts and bodies that have been abused and neglected.  Please join me as the money we donate goes 100% to providing aide to the most innocent of our population, the children.  Your minimum donation of $3-10.00 will support this effort.

Let children be children

World Childhood Foundation's work is aimed at the most marginalized children, the ones most often ignored and forgotten. Childhood focuses especially on girls and the main target groups are street children, children living in institutions, young mothers and sexually abused children.


Childhood was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden


The Childhood USA foundation follows the charter of the global foundation in Sweden in that it has as its primary focus to raise awareness of children at risk for abuse and exploitation, and to create an environment away from harm and neglect.  The goal is to protect children from ongoing abuse by emphasizing prevention efforts to reduce the risk of future abuse; provide intervention strategies to stop ongoing abuse; and, promote education opportunities to teach methods and skills to promote a life free from abuse.

How to donate

Thanks to the support from our co-founders, our administrative costs are covered. Our goal is to ensure that all donations to Childhood reach the children!

World Childhood Foundation USA

183 Madison Avenue Suite 715

New York, NY 10016

We also accept wire transfers; please contact us for detailed bank wire instructions.

If you have any question about tax-deductible donations, please contact the office:

Phone: 212-867-6088

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