Bio: Aleta Antoinette

Aleta Antoinette is an entrepreneur whose business and leadership background has been in the financial services arena, specializing in client-oriented management along with training and building teams for several organizations. Prior to being self-employed she worked in dispute resolution and mediation with a large corporation in a department that was created specifically for her to enable her ability to resolve conflict and make an unprofitable situation profitable for both the client and the company. She has held a Securities License, a Life and Health Insurance License, has a Real Estate License and has done specialized training in Mortgage Certification. Creating business on the foundation of integrity, creativity, cooperation and kindness are what she strives for daily.

Aleta’s roots and growing up in the turbulent sixties she questioned the violence, human suffering and conflict that surrounded her. She desired to see a more peaceful world and wanted to be a part of creating that; her dream of joining the Peace Corps and working at the United Nations were side tracked when she began a family so she decided to work toward this goal on a local level. With this in mind she attained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services and participated in organizing a group discussion for homeless men in Ontario, California, which enabled many of them to become self-reliant. She participated in a national event, “Hands Across America”, which was designed to educate and raise awareness of the plight of the homeless population in the United States. She has volunteered with the Special Olympics, Muscular Dystrophy, and Habitat for Humanity. She volunteered for three years with the Greenwood Village Police Department as a Victim Advocate to assist victims of crime and to aide with crisis intervention.

Exploring her own path and experiencing life’s challenges has lead her to believe that her dreams of creating a more peace filled world are possible if we began with ourselves. This belief took her on a journey of self-discovery through experiencing individual and group therapy, workshops, lectures, reading and spiritual exploration. This led her back to her childhood dream of creating more connection within and therefore, a more peaceful planet. When we recognize a connection in ourselves we begin to realize that connectedness with others and with this we can create peace one person at a time. This is the mission of the Imagine Peace Foundation, which she began in June 2003 with a group of visionary volunteers. The first project is to create, “Imagine Peace Center”, a place to explore what peace means to each person, and then to provide the tools to transform their lives in a positive and meaningful way.

Along with her passion to turn the dream of Imagine Peace into a reality, and her business, she enjoys, writing poetry, participating in discussion groups, dance, being in nature and spending time with family and friends. Children are our future and if we can expose them to opportunities to experience more loving choices, to feel a sense of serenity, to discover who they are and to appreciate others they will naturally become more caring adults. The key to life is being balanced, thoughtful, compassionate, and being joyful in everything you do- in this harmony there is peace.

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