Imagining Peace

Our mission is to provide educational and
creative activities and events in a setting
that allows individuals to explore and 
connect with what peace means to
them and to empower them to live it.

The Journey Begins…

There is a place beyond this space
of earth that calls to me.
I am beckoned to find my voice and imagination,
to give them wings to fly beyond the worldly
thoughts of practicality and reason,
to a place where peace is possible, one breath;
one thought transformed; one vision at a time.

Join hands with me as we reach beyond the heavens
and stars to remember how special we are;
and in that reaching, to create a place that reflects joy.
appreciation, and acceptance in the lives of those that are
touched. Sweet inspiration. Take hold and wrap us in your
embrace as we embark on the wonderful journey of love.

With Love and Gratitude!
Aleta Antoinette, Founder
Imagine Peace Foundation

P.S. Check out the trailer of my new book and let me know what you think!

A special thank you to Uri Kabiri and Matthew Gomez for an inspiring song and video about the peaceful world we want to live in.

Music by Uri Kabiri
Lyrics by Uri Kabiri & Matthew Gomez
Sung by Frank John & Jacob Bell

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