Imagine Peace Center

Imagine Peace Center offers
an interactive journey toward
peace through education,
creative expression, connecting 
with spirit and understanding
that nonviolence is a choice.

Peace begins with each one of us.

We are a mirror … we can choose to reflect a state of joy, love, compassion and kindness.

By making the choice we become like the pebble tossed into the water becoming a ripple of change. Imagine Peace Center is a place where we can come together to learn all the special ways we are different, so we can see all the wonderful ways we are the same. The Center is comprised of a series of rooms.

Appreciation Room

Highlighting great visionaries on the subject of Peace such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi, as well as other peace leaders around the world.

Creation Room

Where children and adults can create their expression of what peace looks like to them. Visitors to this room will work with painters, sculptors, poets, photographers and other artists to create their vision. Each day a different craft will be represented.

Relaxation Room

Visitors to this room will learn relaxation and visualization techniques. This room will show individuals that if they can reframe their thinking and experience relaxation, their lives can be transformed one breath at a time.

Imagination Room

Consisting of a theater and music arena for guest artists who will entertain, enlighten and inspire the audience.

 Rejuvenation Room

Where healing modalities from all over the world will be represented

Recreation Room

Where children from all walks of life can play with and learn about each other.

Communication Room

A safe environment to assist individuals and families with their concerns and provide them tools to become more ·empowered.

Inspiration Room

A round table discussion room for cultivating thoughts and ideas surrounding peace and how to creatively transform from living in fear to living in peace.

Conservation Room

Will represent ideas and scientific findings about conserving our planet.

Education Room

Where workshops will be held for people of all ages.

 Information Room

A resource center/library on topics of self-esteem and peace.

 Contribution Room/Gift Shop

Where various works of art representing peace, memorable gifts regarding peace, and other memorabilia will be offered for sale.

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