Aleta Antoinette, Founder
Imagine Peace Foundation

Growing up in the war torn 60’s something in me believed that humanity was capable of so much more; as a child I wanted to do something to transform that.  During my attempts to join the Peace Corp and the United Nations as a teenager, I was often told I needed more experience.  I allowed life to take me in another direction for a while and finally, I gained experience. 

I want to take this joyous opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been instrumental in giving birth to the vision of what is now the Imagine Peace Foundation.

The path to peace is not easy as it takes courage and imagination. We must look outside the box and within ourselves for the answers. Violence starts within each one of us and we can choose to think differently. We can teach our children through our example to honor, love, and appreciate, themselves and others. Children need to know that they are the gift. We all need to know that. I know there is a place of peace that will come forth in our world. It’s just a matter of time. The path may not be clear, but I know that it starts here within each one of us. Within our hearts, our minds, and our convictions. People have made great sacrifices to obtain peace in our world, and we honor them. It is because of them that we know we can choose another way. AA

Mission and Values

Imagine Peace Foundation provides educational and creative activities, programs, and events in a setting that allows children and adults to explore and connect with what peace means to them and to provide the tools that empower them to live it. Our programs are designed to help participants learn both how to live more peaceful and less stressful lives than they might be currently living and how to share that peace with others.

We believe that with love, compassion and patience, a new way of being is possible.

We listen, not only with our minds, but with our hearts.

We strive to be culturally competent and to understand and appreciate everyone we meet.

We show kindness to others where kindness is lacking.


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